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57087 (it) Holds Hamas Completely Unaccountable For The Most Recent Unrest JeffersonMungomery 2019.10.12 2
57086 "I'm Very Lucky That Tears Didn't Come Out LashondaGurley072325 2019.10.12 2
» «Триада ТНТ 15 Серия», MUV, «Триада ТНТ 15 Серия» Капитанша 2 Сезон Содержание WilfredLittlejohn4 2019.10.12 4
57084 "The Government Is Working On The Assumption That The Greatest Threat To The Games Is International Terrorism And That The Threat In 2012 Will Be High," The Document Stated CharlineAshe56457 2019.10.12 7
57083 "I'm Very Lucky That Tears Didn't Come Out EdwinCota3459099089 2019.10.12 3
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57081 Ветреный 16 Серия I9` `ветреный 16 Серия` RaquelRees2568336039 2019.10.12 6
57080 President Ronald Reagan’s Push For A Sweeping Tax Overhaul Package Was Pronounced Dead On Capitol Hill More Than Once Before A Bipartisan Package Won Approval In 1986 Wilson8209242684415 2019.10.12 2
57079 Practice Of "extraordinary Rendition," The Transfer Of Terror Suspects To Countries Where They May Be Tortured BernadetteZau36096367 2019.10.12 2
57078 Spector Was A Hit-making Music Producer Decades Ago, Gaining Fame For What Became Known As The "Wall Of Sound" Recording Technique LouiseMattocks369620 2019.10.12 7
57077 Trump Also Told Reporters On Tuesday He Wants To Bring American Soldiers In The Korean Peninsula Back Home "at Some Point," But Winnefeld Pointed To China's Desire To Diminish U.S RoxannaCasteel560135 2019.10.12 0
57076 Car Bomb Kills 6 In Colombia JodieWiltshire4603 2019.10.12 0
57075 When Asked If She Was Fearing The Cartels, She Said "no," But She Did Put Her Re-election Bid On Hold To Focus On The Investigation Into Puron's Death BorisSuter0411655 2019.10.12 5
57074 In An Exceptional Step, No Photographs Of Netanyahu's Meeting Tuesday With President Barack Obama At The White House Were Permitted, And Neither Side Has Provided A Substantive Account Of The Session DarnellMorice409792 2019.10.12 2
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57071 The Official Spoke On Condition Of Anonymity Because He Is Not Authorized To Speak To The Media, CNN Reports JohnnieThurman75679 2019.10.12 16
57070 Hundreds Of People Who Had Gathered For The Event Watched As A Large Crane Hoisted The Statue About 10 Feet And Slowly Moved It Over To The Truck LutherSeiffert8879 2019.10.12 13
57069 He Has Been Nominated For An Acting Emmy Several Times And Has Won Several Other Awards, Including A Golden Globe, For This Role SterlingMartel49171 2019.10.12 6

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